One Fine Day

Anderson’s most current release featuring Jennifer Batten (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson), Scarlet Rivera (Bob Dylan), Tony Coleman (BB King, Jamey Johnson, Bobby Blue Bland).

Singles: Stranger, One Fine Day, Brand New Life, Lay Your Body Down, Let Me Be Your Winter


The engineers may be the most underappreciated “band members”. Bob Stark worked as the recording and mixing engineer for both One Fine Day and Born Lucky. Brian has mastered all FOUR of Anderson’s albums.


  1. Brand New Life
  2. I Believed
  3. Stranger
  4. Let Me Be Your Winter
  5. Lay Your Body Down
  6. One Fine Day
  7. Band of Angels
  8. I’m Not Gonna Beg
  9. Closer
  10. Love Voodoo
  11. It’s Not Right
  12. What About My Heart
  13. Love Don’t Come

Bob Stark

Brian “Big Bass” Gardner, Mastering Engineer,  Bernie Grundman Mastering Studio

Bob Stark, Recording and Mixing Engineer

Brian “Big Bass” Gardner

Born Lucky


Singles: Road to New Orleans, Time to Learn to Heal, The River

Featuring: Kirby Kelley, Joe Craven, Damien Erskine 


  1. The River
  2. Road to New Orleans
  3. Time to Learn to Heal
  4. I’m Not Sorry
  5. Painful
  6. One & Only Love
  7. Let Me Go
  1. Easy Money
  2. Can’t Find My Way
  3. Shiny Little Star
  4. No One Deserves This
  5. Hold On
  6. Clifton Cay
  7. Outtro

Beautiful Morning

The album that launched Anderson’s career to touring nationally, this is timeless gem.

Featuring: Scarlet Rivera, Mary Curtis

Singles: Beautiful Morning, She Lost Her Head, Marigolds, When the Walls Come Down, Nice Night


  1. Beautiful Morning
  2. New Day
  3. She Lost Her Head and Fell in Love
  4. Biggest Baddest Heart
  5. Pin Me
  6. Purple Sky
  7. Archie (Medicine Man)
  1. Marigolds
  2. Be Who You Are
  3. Guilty Conscience
  4. When the Walls Come Down
  5. Nice Night
  6. What She Needs

My Famous Friend

Anderson’s first recording, released in 1998 received international airplay.  Songwriting partner, Dave Beckett, wrote Pitiful Creatures, Come Back, Angel and Fight!

Featuring: John Mannenbach

Singles: Girl…, Confusion R., Cry Outloud


  1. Assault Me, Again!
  2. Confusion R.
  3. Girl…
  4. Hands of You
  5. Pitiful Creatures
  6. She
  7. Nobody’s Friend
  1. Fire!
  2. Come Back, Angel
  3. Fight!
  4. Cry Outloud
  5. Interpretation